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A focus on posture when putting you child in a cot. by louisehampton

As with most things there is not just one way of putting a child in a cot but if you adhere to a few simple rules it may just help your back.

Travel cots are one of the hardest as with no adjustable side there is no choice but to bend down quite far to put your baby in.

Try and make sure your cot is up against a wall so you can use the cot to lean against. If you use a fencer stance bending your knees and sucking your tummy in you can help protect your back when lowering you child.

When lowering your child into the cot try lifting one leg off the ground to take the pressure off your back and legs.

Obviously have the mattress at the highest level when your baby is unable to sit up and then lower it as your baby gets older.

When lifting your baby in and out if your cot has a side that lowers make sure you use it so you dont have to bend so far.

Lifting children does put a lot of pressure on the back. After giving birth it is really important to do exercises to work on the pelvic floor and back muscles so they can strengthen and be able to cope with carrying children. If you do experience back pain it is important to get it checked out. Through the British Chiropractic Association’s website you can find a Chiropractor close to you to discuss any problems you have.


The problems feeding can cause to your back and neck by louisehampton

So four months ago I gave birth to a baby boy called Toby and my life has been transformed into a whirlwind of feeding and nappies. It’s not all bad he gives us lots of joy but I never realised the work involved or just quite how heavy babies are.

Toby at 1 week old

Toby at 1 week old

Toby was 9lb 10oz when he was born so from day one he was not light! I found feeding put quite a lot of strain on my upper back and being big he seemed to want feeding constantly. Pillows really helped to keep Toby in the right position and prevented me from leaning forward too much but also having treatment on my upper back from a Chiropractor stopped me becoming too stiff and sore. I suppose I was lucky in that being a Chiropractor myself I knew a Chiropractor who could help me but the British Chiropractic Association has a list of Chiropractors which makes it easy to find one in your area. Chiropractors can work on the joints and muscles in the upper back to loosen the area and it just stopped the pain which had started to travel up into my neck. It is so easy to get swept away with all the things you do for your baby but looking after yourself is extremely important as if you are uncomfortable when feeding it is something which you could soon dread doing. Also after feeding try stretching your back and upper neck maybe whilst you are burping your baby so that it stays as supple as possible.

Toby being fed

Toby being fed