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More exercises to help strengthen parents backs by louisehampton
April 3, 2013, 7:30 pm
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After having a child it is common to suffer with back pain over the following few years as there is a lot of carrying and picking up involved which is not great for the back.

The back needs to be strengthened to help with this and below are a few exercises to try:

This first exercise is a great position to lie in especially when the back is bad just lie in this position for around 15 minutes at a time at least once a day.

This second exercise is also quite gentle – whilst lying on your back push evenly with your hands against the wall whilst gently raising one leg up and then the other one.

This is the plank exercise but whilst in this position rock forwards more onto your hands and then backwards towards your heels. Try 10 seconds at first progressing to 30 seconds if you can.

With this final exercise start with just lifting off one arm and then one leg separately and once this becomes easier then try one arm and the opposite leg hold for 15 seconds and then change sides.


All these exercises should be done carefully and if any cause pain then don’t do them and consult your local chiropractor or doctor for advice.