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Take care in the snow!!! by louisehampton

We had a great day today playing in the snow but if you are having to clear the snow and ice make sure you do some stretches first to help your backs. Your back is most vunerable in the first hour after awakening so be extra careful then.

Snow shovels are great and much better for your back as they are not as heavy as a spade so if you can use a snow shovel it will be a lot better for your back and avoid the temptation to scoop too much up at once!

If you do strain your back try putting an ice pack wrapped in a T-towel on it for 10 mins to reduce the inflamation and do some gentle cat stretches to ease it. If still in pain seek advice from a GP or chiropractor. Find your nearest Chiropractor through the British Chiropractic Association.


A focus on posture when putting you child in a cot. by louisehampton

As with most things there is not just one way of putting a child in a cot but if you adhere to a few simple rules it may just help your back.

Travel cots are one of the hardest as with no adjustable side there is no choice but to bend down quite far to put your baby in.

Try and make sure your cot is up against a wall so you can use the cot to lean against. If you use a fencer stance bending your knees and sucking your tummy in you can help protect your back when lowering you child.

When lowering your child into the cot try lifting one leg off the ground to take the pressure off your back and legs.

Obviously have the mattress at the highest level when your baby is unable to sit up and then lower it as your baby gets older.

When lifting your baby in and out if your cot has a side that lowers make sure you use it so you dont have to bend so far.

Lifting children does put a lot of pressure on the back. After giving birth it is really important to do exercises to work on the pelvic floor and back muscles so they can strengthen and be able to cope with carrying children. If you do experience back pain it is important to get it checked out. Through the British Chiropractic Association’s website you can find a Chiropractor close to you to discuss any problems you have.

So why is posture so important when you have children? by louisehampton

On Saturday I went to a blogging event organised by the British Chiropractic Association. Myself and Tim Hutchful were there to give advice on posture whilst carrying children, putting them in a cot and everyday activities.

The day was really well attended. Thanks must go to the following people:
It was really good to meet you all.

At the event we concentrated on the importance of being aware of your posture when carrying out everyday tasks with children. There’s not one definitive way of doing anything but just thinking about your back is a great start.

So much of what we do involves us bending forward so it is extremely important to spend time extending back and strengthening our backs to protect them. If you do need to bend forward to pick something up rather than having straight legs like in this picture which puts a lot of pressure on the calves, hamstrings and low back. If you simply lift one foot off the floor this task becomes a lot easier to do.

If you do have to spend a lot of time bending forward doing some strengthening exercises to protect your back will really help. One such exercise is being demonstrated below. With any exercise it is important to do the stretch gently and to stop if you experience any pain.

More tips to follow ….

Happy New Year! by louisehampton

Wishing you all a very happy new year. Last year was certainly a hectic one for me – just don’t know where the time goes. I can’t believe Zara is now 10 months old and so not a baby anymore.

Just before Christmas I went to the Lister Hospital to deliver £250 worth of presents to the children there after my clinic held a charity morning. The staff were very grateful for the donations as unfortunately they had a full ward this year and were short of presents.

Hope you all have a good new year’s eve. We are just having a quite one in due to the children but it should still be nice.

Merry Christmas Everyone! by louisehampton

Well its certainly a busy time of year. Hope everyone is nearly prepared for Christmas and getting in the Christmas mood??!! I took my children to see Santa yesterday just at a local shopping centre but it was lovely and made me feel all christmassy!

In our clinic we have also been getting in the Christmas mood. We did a Charity day where all the money raised from treatments went to buy presents for our local hospital. We raised over £200 so that was a lot of presents to buy and wrap! I’m delivering them to the children tomorrow so that should be really nice.

Here’s a picture of just some of the 40+ presents!!

So have you started Christmas shopping yet? by louisehampton

I have been trying to think of some different presents this year – hope my family don’t read this but I’ve opted for more days out rather than bubble bath etc! I also got a family photograph taken so I’ve used that to create some pressies too.
Top tips to help your back whilst shopping:

When shopping try and put as many bags as possible under the pushchair rather than carrying them.

If you have to carry bags, carry them evenly each side and do not make each bag too heavy so its easy to transfer them to the car.

If you do have lots of bags take some back to the car before continuing to shop.

Make sure you wear comfortable shoes when shopping – no heels girls as its surprising how far you walk when shopping.

I have done a lot of shopping online this year which has really helped. I also created wish lists of presents I think the children would like which relatives can access and then when they buy an item they can remove it from the list so no-one else buys it which has been good!

Have a great Christmas everyone and if you do get any pain find a local BCA Chiropractor. A lot of us do free 15 minute consultations so you can see if Chiropractic can help.

Are you still doing your stretches? by louisehampton

This is something I ask my patients all the time but for busy mums it is also extremely important. A lot of our exercise comes from running after the children and walking to the park etc which is great but it is so important to do stretches and especially pelvic floor exercises as well.

Here’s a reminder of some of the best exercises to do:

Lying on your back try bringing one leg towards your chest and hold the stretch for 10 seconds. Repeat with the other leg. If you find this easy then try bringing both legs up together towards your chest.

On all four’s gently arch your back up and then down to stretch.

Then lean back onto your heels

Pelvic floor exercises – sucking in the bottom of your tummy and clenching down below. Hold for 30 seconds or as long as you can.

With all these exercises they should be done very gently and if you experience any pain stop and consult someone like a Chiropractor for advice.

I am a chiropractor in Hertfordshire working from a clinic on Buntingford High Street. I offer free consultations so people can see if Chiropractic would be able to help them.

If you are local to the area why not give us a call on 01763 878087. We have weekend and evening appointments and are registered with the BCA and GCC.