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So why is posture so important when you have children? by louisehampton

On Saturday I went to a blogging event organised by the British Chiropractic Association. Myself and Tim Hutchful were there to give advice on posture whilst carrying children, putting them in a cot and everyday activities.

The day was really well attended. Thanks must go to the following people:
It was really good to meet you all.

At the event we concentrated on the importance of being aware of your posture when carrying out everyday tasks with children. There’s not one definitive way of doing anything but just thinking about your back is a great start.

So much of what we do involves us bending forward so it is extremely important to spend time extending back and strengthening our backs to protect them. If you do need to bend forward to pick something up rather than having straight legs like in this picture which puts a lot of pressure on the calves, hamstrings and low back. If you simply lift one foot off the floor this task becomes a lot easier to do.

If you do have to spend a lot of time bending forward doing some strengthening exercises to protect your back will really help. One such exercise is being demonstrated below. With any exercise it is important to do the stretch gently and to stop if you experience any pain.

More tips to follow ….


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Hello – I just put my feature up at Mum Friendly – thank you again as your advice has been really helpful!


Comment by Jo

Hi Jo Great to meet you the other week. Your review is excellent and will hopefully spread the advice on how to look after your back. All the best Louise

Comment by louisehampton

great post.

Comment by matthew

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