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So have you started Christmas shopping yet? by louisehampton

I have been trying to think of some different presents this year – hope my family don’t read this but I’ve opted for more days out rather than bubble bath etc! I also got a family photograph taken so I’ve used that to create some pressies too.
Top tips to help your back whilst shopping:

When shopping try and put as many bags as possible under the pushchair rather than carrying them.

If you have to carry bags, carry them evenly each side and do not make each bag too heavy so its easy to transfer them to the car.

If you do have lots of bags take some back to the car before continuing to shop.

Make sure you wear comfortable shoes when shopping – no heels girls as its surprising how far you walk when shopping.

I have done a lot of shopping online this year which has really helped. I also created wish lists of presents I think the children would like which relatives can access and then when they buy an item they can remove it from the list so no-one else buys it which has been good!

Have a great Christmas everyone and if you do get any pain find a local BCA Chiropractor. A lot of us do free 15 minute consultations so you can see if Chiropractic can help.