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Where have the past 4 months gone?? by louisehampton
June 25, 2011, 8:26 pm
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Wow can’t believe Zara will be 4 months old next week time is just flying by. Seem to have finally cracked the bedtime routine and she now goes to sleep at 7pm every night. Just need to stop her waking at 2am and 5am now!!

Zara is growing fast and I can certainly feel it when I carry her for long periods of time. I try to make sure I carry her in front of me close to the body rather than on one of my hips otherwise it is easy to start to get back pain.

The other thing to watch is to not lift them in their car seat if at all possible as it is awkward to carry close to the body and is now getting heavy.

If you do start to experience pain why not visit a Chiropractor for a check up. If you live near Cambridge or Hertford pop into Attend 2 Health for a free consultation. We will listen to where you are getting pain and suggest solutions. Give us a call today on 01763 87 80 87 and start on the road to recovery.


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