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Going on holiday with a one year old by louisehampton
August 7, 2010, 8:34 pm
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This week we took Toby to Cornwall. The journey down there was over 8 hours so it was important for all of us that we took regular breaks. Every two hours we stopped off and as my husband did most of the driving I told him to make sure he kept wriggling and changing position in his seat to keep the blood flowing to all his muscles. The back has a poor blood supply and so movement is the best way it gets its nutrients hence the need to take breaks and move around.

We got Toby a DVD player from Ebay which replaces the headrest. It was the best thing we have bought as kept him occupied for the entire eight hours!!

Down in Cornwall Toby loved playing on the beach. The weather was not great but we were able to split our time between playing on the beach and going for lots of walks.

Toby tended to eat the same as us but I packed extra drinks for him as well as a few bananas and pots of apple puree just in case he didn’t like anything or wanted to eat a bit earlier.

We had a travel cot for Toby at the chalet we were staying at and I bought a portable high chair with me which worked really well.

Overall we had a great time and driving their meant we could take as much stuff as we needed!