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Where’s all the nice weather gone? by louisehampton
May 6, 2010, 8:39 am
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We were so lucky with Toby’s birthday party we picked the one nice day.  Since then it’s been so cold and windy.

On Saturday 24th April we had a BBQ in the garden with friends and family.  It was a wonderful sunny day and Toby got lots of toys he could use in the garden.  One of his favourites is a water table he can stand and play at.

Toby loves being outside so it is such a shame the weather has become so cold again.  Toby is nearly walking now but still has to be carried everywhere which takes it out of my back.  I am treating many mums at the moment for back pain as most people tend to carry their babies on their hip putting uneven pressure on the back.  The best way is to try and get your baby to wrap their legs round you and carry them straight out in front but this can be difficult if they wriggle and want to see what’s going on.

Gently suck your tummy in as you pick up your baby to provide a corset of support for your back.  Also when getting your baby out the cot encourage them to stand up so you don’t have to bend down too far.  If you do experience some back pain it is worth seeing a Chiropractor or doctor to see what’s going on.  To find a Chiropractor in your area visit the BCA website at


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