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The dreaded Tummy bug! by louisehampton
March 23, 2010, 8:58 pm
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A week ago today Toby came down with the dreaded tummy bug. I gave him his bottle in the morning and it came straight back up again. This was the start of a long week of sickness and diarrhea.

The best thing to give your child is dioralyte as this helps to replace the essential salts as well as prevent them from getting dehydrated. Its always best to seek advice especially if it lasts more than 24 hours. The other thing to look out for is making sure they are still having wet nappies. By Wednesday afternoon I took Toby to the doctors as he was just laying on my lap all the time not interested in toys and totally miserable. He also hadn’t had a wet nappy all day. The doctor said he was borderline to be taken to hospital but to try little and often with fluids all night and see if he improves.

The next morning Toby seemed a bit better so I tried him on a bit of bread but this soon came up again. I kept up the fluids for the rest of the day but Toby would not drink the dioralyte so I just gave him some squash but now I wished I had tried a bit harder to get him to have the dioralyte as it is so much better for them.

By Friday I thought I would try him on a bit of milk as I was concerned he had not had anything to eat for so long. He kept it down for 2 hours but then the sickness and diarrhea came back with avengance so I now know to not give any dairy products until you are sure they are better.

That night we ended up at A and E as Toby was now extremely dehydrated. The hospital were excellent. We had to force Toby to have the dioralyte with a syringe – 15ml every 20 minutes. This was very hard going to begin with but after doing this for 6 hours Toby already looked a bit better. We continued this at home and the next day Toby was drinking 7 oz bottles of dioralyte in one go with no complaints.

I have now slowly introduced food again such as bread and rusks and tomorrow I shall try some dairy for the first time in over a week. I finally have my bouncing boy back but what a week!

This week has also taken its toll on my back. Toby has spent all week just lying on me so I have sat for prolonged periods of time in one position which means muscles are prone to aching and fatigue. When I have got up I have had to carry Toby around which also isn’t good as he now weighs over 2 stone. I am now doing lots of stretches to help my back and will see a Chiropractor this week to help relax my muscles as they have become very tight. To find a Chiropractor visit


9 Babies and 17 adults having lunch at Pizza Express! by louisehampton
March 9, 2010, 8:49 pm
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Just a quick post on the fun we had at the weekend. We went to Pizza Express with 17 adults and 9 10 month olds! Pizza Express was an excellent venue. There was baby changing in the toilets and ample highchairs to go round. We even had the back room of the restaurant all to ourselves!

A lot of the mums are feeling the strain of their babies trying to walk but wanting their hands held the whole time so we are all spending a lot of time bending forward. The walkers babies can push along are great when you are at home to help with this and it is also worth trying to spend some time on your knees so you don’t have to continually bend.