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Going on a train to Manchester with a 10 month old. by louisehampton
February 26, 2010, 9:00 pm
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This week I went to visit a friend in Stockport for a few days on the train. Trying to decide what to pack was not easy! I ended up taking the rucksack I last used to go round the world for a year!!

I am very glad I had that rucksack as it had a belt to go round my waist and so wasn’t too heavy to carry on my back. I also used a very light weight buggy I got from by Tippy Toes for £35 so its great for planes or trains as its so compact. I am conscious of not putting too much pressure on the back and so taking a buggy rather than carrying Toby was definitely the best option.

All the stations had lifts so there was no problem getting between platforms. The main issue was on some of the older trains. The older trains had extremely narrow corridors and I couldn’t keep Toby in his buggy on the train as there was not the room so this meant collapsing the buggy so it would fit in the luggage rack. Luckily I put in a plastic bag at the top of the rucksack the essentials I would need for the journey so I could just take that with me to my seat. This consisted of his lunch and a drink and some toys.

Toby was great for around 30 mins, he had a bit to eat and then I tried to entertain him on my lap. After a while though he did get a bit annoyed of having to sit down, he looked out the window and then I got up and walked down the train with him to keep him interested.

With around 20 mins to go on the first train I put him in his buggy so he could have a sleep and as my stop was next I was not in the way standing by the door.
I was really glad when the next train I had to catch was turned out to be more modern. This had an area I could sit and keep Toby in his buggy and also had a baby changer in one of the toilets. This was great as there was no-where on the first train where I could have changed him.
On the way home the trains were also modern although I still had to collapse the buggy down on the first train. I spotted an 18 month old girl further up the train with her mum. This was great as they kept each other occupied until she got off the train at Sheffield.
On the final leg I could perch on a seat with Toby in his buggy. This was really the best option and I wish the other trains had had an area like this.

Overall travelling on the train was not too bad. I would do it again but just not every week!! I’d love to hear anyone else’s experiences.


Games to play with a 9 month old by louisehampton
February 4, 2010, 9:39 pm
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Now Toby is crawling he is into everything so it is really important to play games with him to stop him getting into mischief! Rather than bending down to him all the time I make sure most of the time I am on my knees to protect my back and use a cushion if I am in one place for any length on time. If I do start to get some back ache I do the stretches I mentioned in my last blog or see a Chiropractor.
Games Toby likes to play include:
Peek a boo with his muslin

Knocking over towers of blocks or cups

Playing with unopened crisp packets

Passing cars or toys to each other

Toby is teething at the moment so everything goes in his mouth including his walker!!
A few other games include taking everything out of a bag, clapping and singing songs. If anyone has any good games to add to this please let me know as I’m always after new ones!