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New year – Time to get fit with the baby by louisehampton

Doing exercise when you have a baby is not easy but I have found now Toby moves around a lot more getting some exercise around the house is more do-able. It is also really important to keep up the pelvic floor exercises and to work on the core muscles to protect the back.

I play games with Toby such as chase and crawl round the house after him sucking my tummy in and extending my arms and legs as I go to help my core muscles.
The basic exercise is sometimes called the “bird-dog” it is performed on hands and knees. Extend one arm forward and the opposite leg backwards. Keep back straight and abdominal muscles tight. This exercise should not be done without consulting an expert in rehabilitation such as a chiropractor – it is important that exercises are done correctly.

Another good exercise is to do some sit ups with your baby on your tummy as you sing row row row the boat. Make sure you don’t strain your neck by keeping it relaxed and use some of your babies weight to help you when coming up especially to begin with.


The third exercise I tend to do is gently rocking the pelvis up and down. When the pelvis is tilted upwards gently contract the glutes (muscles in the bottom) and suck the tummy in.


An easy form of exercise is of course going for a walk but best avoided in the snow as it is easy for the buggy to slide off the path or for you to fall over.

If you do experience any back pain it is worth getting it checked out by a Chiropractor who can see what’s going on. To find your nearest Chiropractor visit the British Chiropractic Association’s website at