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Finally got the next Car Seat… by louisehampton
December 30, 2009, 7:56 pm
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We went to Milton Keynes today and got Toby a new car seat. The In Car Safety Centre were excellent. They knew their stuff and had loads of car seats to try.

We made an appointment the day before so we got an advisor to help us and fit different seats into our car. There were many seats to choose from but from my research I knew I wanted a seat which could go rear facing and then forward facing if required.

This really narrowed the choice down to two seats. One was by a company called Be Safe and was an isofix seat. It was an excellent seat which you could recline and had lots of padding. The seat was high up to allow the child to see out the window but did cost £300. This one was also quite bulky and when it was in the car it meant the passenger seat had to be quite far forward.

Be Safe Car Seat

The next car seat we looked at was the Britax two way elite for some strange reason Britax don’t advertise this seat in the UK but it goes up to when the child is around 5-6 years old and anchors against the passenger seat so is very sturdy.  It can be rear facing or forward facing and has a five point harness. 

We went for this seat in the end as it was not as bulky as the other one and will last a good while.  Due to the car seat anchoring against the passenger seat this does mean however that the passenger seat cannot be moved.

Britax Two Way Elite


At the end of the day the in car safety centre is an excellent place to find a car seat so if you do live nearby I would definitely recommend taking a trip there.


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