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Argh – still trying to decide on a car seat! by louisehampton
December 8, 2009, 9:19 pm
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I didn’t realise trying to find a car seat was going to be such a mamouth task! I am trying to look at it from two view points. One I want it to be easy to put Toby in and out of the car seat so it does not hurt my back – some seat swivel so you don’t have to lean in when putting him in his seat which is great. But the other side is safety in a crash and in a lot of European countries they are now keeping children in rear facing seats until 3 yrs of age. Decisions decisions!!

So here’s some more info on rear facing seats ..

Its apparently far safer if god forbid you should have an accident to be rear facing and it does make sense as a baby’s head is very big compared with the rest of its body

So looking at rear facing there are 3 that are rear-facing for the next stage and the one that seems to go up to age 8 (25kg) is the Brio:
this can be bought on the babyworld website for £200.

The other two are:

So my search is going to continue. I’d love to hear what seat you have if you have already bought one and how easy it is to get your baby in and out of as I am concerned about the impact on the back with all that reaching.

Many thanks



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