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Choosing the next car seat by louisehampton
November 19, 2009, 3:07 pm
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Even though toby is not quite 7 months old he already weighs over 21lb so I thought it was probably time to start looking for his next car seat.

However, to be in a forward facing car seat they need to be able to sit up on their own for 30 minutes which Toby is not doing yet.

There are lots of car seats to choose from and there is also the choice of a Group 1 seat which lasts until they are 4 years old or you can get a Group 1-3 seat which lasts until they are 12!

I am looking for a seat which is easy to fit in the car but it also needs to be easy for me to move Toby in and out of it.

I currently have a Vauxhall Meriva which is quite a good car as the seats in the back are quite high and there is also lots of head room. The Maxi Cosi car seat we have at the moment fits well and as it has the isofix base I don’t have to reach over trying to fit a seatbelt everytime.

I went to Mothercare to see what seats were avaliable and the staff there were excellent. They first suggested the Britax First car seat which can go either rear facing or front facing so perfect for Toby at the moment. They put it in the car to see if it would fit.

The Britax fitted in the car very well in the rear facing position however it was a lot higher than the Maxi cosi and so would be more difficult to get Toby out. Also the seat belt has to be fitted around the seat everytime it is used which involves a lot of bending over the seat to find the buckle which would not be good for the back.

Once in the forward position the seatbelt does not need to be touched however the seatbelt just would not fit right in my car so would not be suitable which was a shame as it was a good price at just over £100.

Of course the ultimate choice once Toby can sit up better is the next Maxi Cosi car seat which is also isofix. This would not need to have the seat belt around it but at £250 is more than double the other seats I have seen so at the moment I shall keep looking! It is really important to get a good seat especially as this one will last so long and it makes sense to think of your back especially as the babies get heavier!


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