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Stretches to do during play time by louisehampton

Now Toby is 5 months I find I am spending more and more time playing on the floor with him as he rolls around.
Toby on the floor
I have found this is an excellent time to do some stretches to help my back and to sit in different yoga positions.
Stretching the back
The cat stretch is a great position to be in while Toby is on his front. On your hands and knees, first breathe in and look ahead.
Cat stretch

Next breathe out whilst arching the back to tilt the pelvis forward. Repeat 5 times tightening the pelvic floor muscles at the same time.
Arching the back

I find hamstring stretches are good to do whilst Toby is sitting up. With your legs out stretched breathe in to prepare and then breathe out as you bring your head towards your knee and hold this position for 5 seconds.
Hamstring stretch

If you are spending a lot of time on the floor sitting on a cushion can also help your back. Back pain should not be ignored so if you are in pain it may be worth contacting a British Chiropractic Association Chiropractor to see if they can help. To find a Chiropractor in your area visit for more information.


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