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Carrying your baby by louisehampton

At first carrying Toby seemed easy, he was relatively light and so even carrying him in his car seat was not too much of a problem.

Toby in his car seat

Toby in his car seat

As he has grown it has been important to change the way I carry him. I try to carry him straight out in front and close to the body to keep me as balanced as possible. I have started using a carrier to do this like mowing the lawn which works well! He is now far to heavy to carry in his car seat so I make sure I carefully lift him out of it.

A friend of mine hurt her shoulder last week, she carried her baby in her car seat and due to the weight she pulled a muscle in her shoulder. Luckily she saw a Chiropractor straight away and because she has medical insurance she could claim for the cost of treatment through that. The British Chiropractic Association is the best place to find a Chiropractor in your area.

Mowing the lawn with Toby in a carrier

Mowing the lawn with Toby in a carrier

After having a baby the core stability and stomach muscles are weaker. It is important to strengthen these muscles as they also help to support your back. When lifting your baby gently sucking your tummy in can really help to stabilise your back.

Me and Toby

Me and Toby


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